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02-11-1999, 08:25 PM
I am completing the rebuild of the engine of a 1984 733i. The engine and head are the originals. I had (what I thought) was another 733i engine. It is 7 series and has the same number as the original. I switched over the other camshaft as the old one was damaged. Everything fit well together until I tried to attach the distributor. The end of the rotor drive is grooved and the old distributor doesn't fit. Question one is which engine could this be. Question two is, which is the better option, to rereplace the camshaft, or to replace the distributor, cap etc. The distributor may be easier but which engine is it from? Any help would be much appreciated.

02-11-1999, 11:51 PM
There are two types of distributor caps<br>and rotors (bolt on rotor / slide on rotor)<br>just simply buy the ones you need <br>bavarian autosport usually stocks them and<br>i think its about $75 for the cap and rotor<br>1-800-535-2002

Daniel Jones
02-12-1999, 09:00 AM
<i>: My 733i (1983) bounces up and down a little when I get to a stop light. The car acts as if the accelerator is being pushed and the backed off and pushed and then backed off. It'll do that for a little while and then stop. Can you give me any idea of what that is. I have 132000 miles on it<p><p><br>

02-15-1999, 06:58 PM
If the car has an auto trans it sounds possible<br>that the torque convertor clutch is not unlocking<p>

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