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02-12-1999, 04:30 PM
I have a 1985 735i and everytime I fill up I get at the very least gas odor and sometimes a slow drip on the right rear of the vehicle. I suspect it's the filler hose or sometime like that in the area. Any tips on this problem or how to access the area would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!!

02-12-1999, 07:16 PM
If you are really lucky the problem is just rotted vent rubber hoses at the 4 little metal vent tubes on top of the gas tank. BUT, most likely the tubes have rusted and leak once the level of gas in the tank reaches over 3/4 full. To confirm things remove the plastic or metal cover behind the left rear wheel. It's held on by a few 8mm screws usually and with a flashlight you can look at everything to get a real feel for the gas leak cause. Sevens outlast the 5/6 series gas tanks by several years but have their own problems. If you put a new tank in check the aux. fuel pump & sending unit that are mounted on top first since these parts suffer from terminal rust as well and may not be transferable to a new tank without falling apart or leaking on their own. there's a access cover under the trunk pad to get to the aux. pump/unit. BMW has at least made changing most fuel pump/ sending units a relative breeze compared to other cars.

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