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Greg Herman
02-15-1999, 07:14 PM
I smell gas when I start up the car for about 10 minutes afterwards. There is no single location where the smell is coming from, nor any percievable leaks from the car. NOthing pools under the car. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this? I'll be taking as much of the car apart as I can to locate the problem this weekend and would like some assistance in knowing what to look for.<p>Thanks in advance.<p>Greg Herman<br>

02-16-1999, 06:45 PM
<br>Gas smell<br>Bought 88 735i in Atlanta. Drove it home to Ohio.<br>Noticed gas smells but since i drove avg 80 mph all the way I expected that something would happen during shake down run. Later at home I opened hood to wash engine and noticed that the intake and valve cover was unusually clean and slightly discolored near rear of eng where fuel distribution lines had a small hose. Started car and watched it drip. I assumed that when car is running at operating temps it evaporates and help drivers mood toward BMW rage. I bought a foot of rubber hose and replaced it after I discovered that pressure in that system is high as well as volume... Must relieve pressure and catch gas in something. All this without spraying whole underhood. Good luck!<p>Later<p>Willie<br>

Greg Herman
03-05-1999, 09:13 PM
That's exactly what the problem was. Thanks!!!!<p>Greg

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