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Bruce D. Schwartz
02-16-1999, 12:59 AM
I just purchased an '84 745i today,(2-15-99), and I am quickly finding out that repairs and parts may be challenging. Will 733i or 735i parts interchange?<br>Looks like I will be in need of some electrical dash parts, e.g. the climate control, the dash computer next to the climate control, illuminator for the speedo(only the side for the tach lights up), as well as a side molding strip for the rear passenger door.<p>Furthermore, everything is in german, and I will further try to search out an english manual.<p>More on the climate control: It seems to work but the buttons wont look when pressed. For instance, if you hold the defrost button in, or any of the buttons, it works until you let go. Is this a common problem? Can it be fixed without replacing the whole climate control unit?<p>Looking foward to learning as I go along and chatting with other 745i owners.<p>Bruce

02-16-1999, 08:30 PM
interchange but some parts are just for the turbo cars. Almost all the dash stuff and A/C controls are standard except if you have the special rear indep. heater set-up. Door parts are common except for EURO mouldings and Bumper parts. Locks and handles are same as long as the 2 cars have the same central locking system set-up[like dead bolt or not] What did you end up with? Leather or buffalo hide seats? Plain grain wood or the wilder Burls. Do the electric rear seats still work[usually rear electric bucket seats] Thanks for your message above. I'm almost rid of a friends '84 745i myself so I know what you're going through. His buyer[could be "would be buyer at this point"] still hasn't finalized the deal yet! Sigh, one more day.

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