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Bo Rose
02-17-1999, 09:11 AM
the brake light stays on and it looks like break fluid is leaking. <p>ac air is not cold. Front blower vents cut off and the cold air blows through the defrost vents when running the ac. the volume control for the blowers only works at high and low setting, nothing in the middle. is there a light bulb for the temperature control because mine doesn't light up at night? if so where is it located.<p>when pulling off very hard i get a loud clonking noise and vibration from the rear. any ideas on whats causing it? <p>other than those things the car has been great.<br>thanks for any and all suggestions and help.

Gale Hawkins
02-17-1999, 11:29 AM
Bo it sounds like you have some things that must be fixed and some you can learn to live with if necessary. Most all your problems have been covered on this forum. This weekend go through each message and print out the ones that may apply and get started trouble shooting. Best of luck.

02-17-1999, 08:20 PM
The sound from the rear end may be worn rear subframe bushings. have someone with BMW exper. put the car on a lift to check these out.<br>I covered most of the heater complaints with your car further down the board a day or two ago. Look for a "paul" message or even further back as "G.H." has suggested.

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