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Ronald Bond
02-18-1999, 01:23 AM
<br>At 60 mph and 2,000 rpm, as throttle is added, I am<br>getting a definite engine miss. As I add throttle<br>the miss becomes more pronounced. If I gear down (A/T)<br>as the engine revs higher, the miss is still there but<br>not as noticable. At lower speeds the engine runs<br>smooth until it has to pull harder as more throttle is added. Any suggestions?<p>I am also getting a definite miss on the cold start cycle and I can smell a rich exhaust at the same time.<br>Any suggestions?<p>I have installed new plugs, dist. cap and rotor and set the mixture to 85 on a scope.<p>Thanks for any hints here!!!!!!<p>Ron

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