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07-12-2006, 09:57 AM
their unbiased opinion? Of particular interest, the electronic steering and interior materials. TIA
dws BavarianRescue
Used Parts for Vintage BMW's
Eureka, Ca.

07-19-2006, 07:08 PM
Came out of my '06 530i for comparison sake...

I think the dash black is great. The texture helps keep stuff from sliding around and is very effective against bright morning sun (glare).

The other interior finishes seem better quality and fit than the 5, better than our X3 and as good or better than the Z3. Not as fancy as our last 7 ('94).

The seats are very comfortable, and we had no problems on our longest drive so far (about 2.5 hours each way). Visibility seems poor the first time in the car, but once the mirrors are set right it is fine. I commute 30 miles, mostly freeway, and cross all lanes to enter/exit so this was important to me.

The steering feels great, again its different than the feel of our prior/other cars but its sharp and works fine. We've had no problems with the electronics aspect or any other issue with the steering, but it is only 1200 miles so far. Also, like the throttle.

I drive almost exclusively with the sport button on. I think the car feels better, is somewhat more responsive, and I can time my shifts better (less throttle lag).

Mike Mc

'06 Z4 Coupe Sport
'04 X3
'99 Z3
and ten prior BMWs all gone to better homes.

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