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07-21-2006, 08:23 PM
I happened to stumble into the Jaguar dealership near my office a couple of weeks ago and have been obsessed ever since.

I've been driving an '89 BMW 635 for about 10 years and it's time to drive something a little younger. I also really need a 4-door car for those infrequent times I've got passengers.

Being a bit frugal, I've looked around and I'm both tempted and frightened at the relatively low resale values of these cars. I'm looking at is as an opportunity to get a great car, and hoping that most of the reliability problems are in years gone by. I'll likely try to get one that is covered by the CPO warranty just to hedge that bet.

So...I've seen some nice '04 and '05 S-type 4.2's and XJ8's for what seem like reasonable prices. I'm really torn. I sort of like the nose of the S-type, and it's about the same size as my present BMW so I've got a good idea how hard it will be to find a parallel parking space here in San Francisco! The XJ8 is very tempting too--I just get the feeling it's perhaps a little higher quality overall, and if I were to go that direction I'd prefer to get the long wheel base--the extra 5" is certainly worth it for the leg room.

All of this is to ask what you current owners recommend. Is there a noticeable quality or reliability difference between the S-type 4.2 and the XJ8? I've taken each for a test drive and both felt so great that I just can't decide.

One last point I'm reluctant to mention. I don't know anyone who owns a Jaguar. I've been watching the streets of S.F. for days, and have seen only 1 S-type, and a couple of dozen XJ's (only a few recent model years). Every single one of those has been driven by a middle-aged Asian woman. What's up with that? Is my feminine side showing or do I just have a bad sample group?? (no, I'm not a racist, I just don't want to be percieved as driving a 'chick' car!)

John Steed
07-22-2006, 07:30 PM
There are no reliability problems these days compared with any other brand and I don't know of any difference between XJ and S, it really comes down to personal taste and what fits your needs.
Maybe going with the S will alow you to get a newer or better model for a given price. That's what I did, I got an S-Type R, all the benefits of a 4 door, easy and comfortabl driving and smoking performance when you want it. Also have a supercharger gives it that macho quality so you don't need to worry about your reputation!

Mike Barros
07-24-2006, 03:48 PM
I am a recent purchaser of the XJ8L and really enjoy the car. I have owned in recent years a BMW 7 series, Lexus LS and Infiniti Q45. All were great cars and each had particular attributes, BMW handling, Lexus quiet reliability and the Infiniti strong acceleration. I chose the Jag because it had some of these attributes and is very civilized with an elegant interior and superb seating (back seat is spacious) plus a smooth ride. It is not the fastest in the corners nor as quiet as the Lexus nor does it have as many "bells and whistles" but it is a very nicely balanced sophisticated vehicle. It is a superb compromise.

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