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08-07-2006, 09:38 PM
Hi there.
First off - long live Roadfly! Long time BMW user, I have too many. I'm trying to get into the biodiesel arena, and found an 82 300SD that's been sitting under a tree for a few years. The owner says it ran when he parked it. Besides rust, what other things should I be looking for? I don't know how many miles, but MBs are just like BMWs, they'll run so long as they are maintained. The price seems right, under $1k, but that's relative as to what it may need. I do all my own mechanic work, engine rebuilds and the like, so I'm not afraid of getting dirty. I don't mind dumping a grand or 2 in her if needed.

Any pointers you can offer would be MUCH appreciated!

09-06-2006, 09:29 AM
oWNERS mANUAL AND sERVICE BOOKLET showing all the services ,
and repair recepts.
No records - leave it for the crows.
could have chewed up cam shaft lobes, leaking water pump, inop air cond/heating, trans issues,

when you look at it - only buy it if you can road test it.
Smell the trans dip stick - if it smells like a burnt electric motor - run away.
plan on more like 2 to 4000 in parts to revive the beast. Look for a w123 diesel instead. Lighter weight body, better handling (more BMW like)
and a much nicer car for your Bio-Fat project.
order a Mercedes-Benz Repair Manual on cd from any of the dealers or shop on line. happy hunting

02-22-2008, 05:24 PM
Straight car except needs a RR door, no body rust issues, bad paint and interior pretty rough, but a reliable driver in Charleston SC. Email if interested.

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