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Taking the plunge
08-24-2006, 06:49 AM
Hi Folks,

First time auto buyer here very much looking for advice..have discussed all with friends, but getting more confused by the day.

Have narrowed choices down to (trying to get some style and reliability on small budget) a 1993 XJ6 Sov with 123K KM for $9K CAN and a 1994 Merc-Benz with 185K KM for $6800 CAN. Jag owned by lady who never drove in winter and merc by a merc dealer mechanic.

Really like the XJ6 for style, cabin comfort and drive. Have heard horror stories however about lack of reliability of these cars especially in cold weather. Have heard that the C280 is ultra reliable however lacks the back seat room i need (iwas told to look for an E class instead). Have also heard that although servicing costs are comparable, chances greater of major repairs arising in 93 jags over a 94 merc.

Has anyone have any words for or against the 1994 C280? Any advice in steering me to a decision by some of you seasoned MB owners would be GREATLY appreciated.


09-21-2006, 12:13 AM
I think you'll be better off with a later car. One, less mileage. Two, lower initial cost. Three, you didn't mention a family, and very few of us really need major back seat room with any frequency worth mentioning. Four, Jags deserve their reputation for poor reliability. Eventually it improved, but not that long ago, I don't think.

That said, the V6 C280 is a much better place than the straight six, but it will cost more. Wife has a '98 C280.

I much prefer the idea of buying from a dealer wrench who will know what the car's mechanical issues are/may be, rather than the proverbial "little old lady" who knows nothing whatsoever about "that strange noise" and simply drops it off at the dealer when something comes up. Maybe this means that she maintained a high level of service, maybe not; but she won't be able to tell you much. Are there receipts for either car?

The Jag lady lives in Canada and never drove in winter? I didn't think Canada had another season. Okay, okay, I jest. For several decades the major manufacturers have had things pretty well in hand when it comes to anti-rust design. You may be okay with either car in that regard.

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