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09-12-2006, 11:07 AM
As has been stated here before just tell the buyer that you will only accept cash in person or through an agent of theirs at a bank branch (any bank they choose) near your home. Or a wire transfer done at a branch of your bank from where they live into your account. The bank can easily verify between the branches when the CASH was used to transfer. Offer to pay all transfer fees. They usually will not respond and that will be the end of it.
It is very difficult to get one of these guys on the hook and once you do it is even harder to find a person at any agency willing to pursue it. I was stringing two different ones along for weeks while I was trying to get someone else involved in catching them. No one was interested, only one person even returned my call and that was a local detective, he advised me to stop responding to them.
Posting the emails addys they use is worthless as it is a throw away address used only for you. You can rest assured even the ISP is routed through some public site with no chance to trace it back to the sender.
However I was bored and it seemed like fun to torment these two into believing they were getting closer and closer to me sending the "extra money" to their pickup teams or their inspection teams.
The sad part os that people do fall for this all the time. They believe that a cashiers check can not be faked or a postal money order can not be faked.


08-19-2007, 12:06 PM
I respond by telling them to go f themselves and report their email address to the domain webmaster if it's an entity like yahoo, aol etc.

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