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09-13-2006, 10:35 PM

We have a 2005 C240 wagon and have always had issues with the climate control. The dealer agreed it wasn't working properly and recently replaced the conrol unit, but the new one is not much better.

I have checked out other MB C-series and found similar inconsistencies, so perhaps we are doing something wrong, but the manual doesn't help, nor can the dealer or their techs explain things, so perhaps someone here can set me straight.

We don't use the system on auto because neither my wife nor I like having the fan speed or vent selection set automatically--I've never had an auto system that would choose what we found comforatble.

On every other car I've had with dual-zone temperature control, whenever it was set to manual, I could adjust my temperature from hot to cold to my liking, while my wife could do the same, even if the AC was on. On the C240, I cannot consistently get an adjustment from hot to cold from the drivers side temperature control. Sometimes it seems to work OK and other times the adjustment range is very small and if the AC is on, I can barely get warm air, let alone hot. The pasenger side temperature control is even less predictable.

Out of 4 different C-series I've tried, none of them have worked the way I would expect ("hot" gives you hot and "cold" gives you cold) and all were inconsistent (they wouldn't do the same thing every time).

I've also noticed that both temperature control knobs have "click"-stops at both ends of their rotation which seem to set them to max (hot or cold), even if that temperature is dramatically different from the temperature just before moving past the click. The manual says nothnig at all about these click stops or how they are supposed to be used.

One simple thing we'd really like to be able to do in the summer is I get cool air while my wife, who doesn't like cool air blowing on her, gets warm air. We have never been able to successfully achieve this seemingly obvious and desirable function. Can someone enlighten me?

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