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11-25-2006, 04:40 PM
I've heard a lot about the legendary reliability of the W123 diesels. I'm currently looking at some mid'80s W123s, as well as a german import W123 from 1976 (only 170k miles!). However, there's also a '87 W124 300D available. It's got 250k miles.
Any thoughts from people about these options? Is there an appreciable reliability/durability difference between early W123, late W123 and early W124? I know the W124 was a significant redesign. All things being equal, it seems like the W124 would be nice because it's just a more modern car, but i do like the older cars, and if they are the ones that are more reliable, i'd rather have that.

thanks for any info!
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11-26-2006, 07:15 AM
I own a W124 now and I'm switching to a W123 when I find the right car. They have tons of charm, not only esthetically but also while driving them, "it hasn't had it's character enginered out of it" is a quote I've read from an owner.

Their suspension technology is not as modern of course but if your not driving on effed up roads you won't be bothered.
Their body is wholly welded so they are very squeak free because of the limited body roll. Both cars are old and gonna need TLC, but the milage speaks for it self. The W124 has lower fuel consumption.

W123 wins on K.O.

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