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Large Farva
11-28-2006, 11:43 AM
I know this is a bit of a long shot but I'm not having much luck with Tirerack so I thought I'd take it to the pros! Has anyone had any success finding or installing snowtires to fit the OEM 19's? Normally I'd say this is a ridiculous request but my detailer swears they're available from someone, and advice would be appreciated!

11-28-2006, 02:25 PM
Some people have gone with different sizes like 245F/255R, mixed different tires front to rear, or gone with 255s all around, none of which I would recommend. There are more manufacturers making 19" snows but none that make them in OEM sizes for the M3 19s.

Better off getting a set of OEM 18s off eBay and putting on Dunlop Winter Sport M3s (seem to be the setup of choice around here) or getting a 17" wheel and tire package for the best traction (if you don't mind the asthetics of them.)

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