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01-24-2007, 11:58 AM
The V8 AWD SRX represents a huge likeness to other world class crossover SUVs. It has to be right up there with the best of 'em. Buy one downline and you will find you made a wise choice and saved yourself a ton of money over some of the other worthy choices.

Get rid of your Michelins and get a grippier all season tire. The Pirelli Scorpians are great. A monumental improvement. 235 front, 255 rear, and about +2 pounds of bias in the rear.

To remove the middle seat middle and passenger side headrests you will need to obtain a jewlers screwdriver or stout wire and locate the tiny access holes on the passeneger sides by the top of the seatback where the guides insert. Stow them for when of if you have rear seat passengers. This will immediately open up your rear and side viewing capability.

A Corsa exhaust mod would be in order if you are unhappy with the power, sound, or milage, but as is seems dandy. But more power and better sound with improve MPG, you bet it is my next small project.

You can find one loaded...and I mean including a kitchen sink, for low to mid $20s with lux pkg, nav, rear DVD, AWD. Magnetic ride control is a dream and totally descrete, never invasive. Tire could you have lived without it for so long. A comparible BMW of similar year and miles might be 40 percent more $$.

Cadillac got it mostly right for this segment. It looks great, handles better, is scary powerful, sounds fantastic, and converts to many uses.

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