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02-24-2007, 09:13 AM
Picked up my new MC this week, dropped off by BMT. During inspection my wife noted a ding in right front tire and a vertical cut in the tire adjacent to the ding. Cut is deep enough that I can see the steel belts underneath. The car is calling BMW Assist every 20 minutes or so, in fact it did so as I was driving off. The calls to BMW Assist (I asked the operator) started a month before I got the car.

Here's my question, would a hard wheel/tire impact set off the BMW Assist?

I don't believe a slow speed impact would have caused that sort of tire/wheel damage. I'm trying to run the issue to ground because I really spent some time questioning the salesman about whether the car was abused in any way during it's test drive miles (~60). There is an apparent 15 mile difference on the odo between what was signed off on at the dealer and what was on the car at delivey. Easy to ascribe the damage to BMT, but logically, it may be linked to the begining of the BMW Assist calls which started before BMT got the car.

Love the car, but I'm getting a touch pissed. I filed a claim with BMT before accepting the car, but I've got it parked in the garage until I can get it in for service at the dealer. Now I'm at the unfortunate point of having to begin distrusting everyone in the supply chain that got the car to me. Not a good feeling with 177 miles on my new dream machine.

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