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James Helm
02-21-2000, 11:07 PM
My 1979 528i has an awful problem.....<br>It's sunroof leaks, and the interior needs replacing badly. If anyone has information that may help a newcomer to th Bimmer Community, please email me.... I need parts, and don't know where to locate them, and I have run out of time to scour the net for resources. HELP!!!!!

Karl Koenig
02-22-2000, 05:48 PM
Start with the sunroof--so you don't trash the new interior parts you will get. For the sunroof you will need to buy a new weatherstrip from the shop -- two peices, expensive. Getting the weatherstrip on is a wrestling match, but it's not brain surgery; you need persistence more than anything else to replace the weatherstrip with the sunroof in the car. If you like to rig sunroofs, it's easier to replace the weatherstrip on a bench, but I fooled around with the sunroof for a week before I got it to work properly.<p>As for the rest of the interior, watch this board and "first fives" for people parting out a car. there's almost always a posting that either says "parts" or "another one bites the dust"<p>good luck<p>karl

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