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05-09-2000, 03:01 PM
My friend has an '81 633 5-speed that he wants to <br>convert to automatic. I'm doing the work. We would<br>like to trade all associated parts with someone who <br>wants to convert to 5-speed. $ exchange would depend <br>condition of parts. I live in San Rafael, Ca. near SF<br>prefer not to ship.<p> mileage on trans, 159K<br> driveshaft,6K TOTAL REBUILD<br> condition of radiator, GOT CORED 6K AGO<br> shifter,NICE WOOD BMW SYMBal<br> shifter boot,RIPPED <br> clutch master and NO PROBLEMS - OLD<br> new slave<br> we have brand new clutch and flywheel. <p><br>

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