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David R. Scott
05-15-2000, 12:05 AM
I have recently purchased a 1977, 530i with some idling problems (makes a really great lawn ornament, however). I got some good tips from Karl and WH (thanks again) but have made a few more observations since that exchange of correspondence. Can anyone offer some advice? The car starts fine, but idles very roughly. I haven't allowed it to run for very long but it sounds like it would probably flood if left alone. It also seems to have an exhaust manifold leak--could this aggravate the idle problem? Anyway, here's where I am so far. <p>Fuel delivery--Karl and WH suggested I check out the Air Flow Meter--this was refurbished by the previous owner (who hired a Volvo pro) so I think it's okay. I did some visual checks also. The fuel pressure regulator doesn't have a blown diaphram and the vacuum hose is sucking air. Karl suggested a fuel-pressure leak down test to tell whether an injector is stuck open. Can someone give some advice on what's involved in that? Another thing--the engine oil smells strongly of gasoline.<p>Electrical--I did a pretty thorough check of all the connections in the engine electrical. Some of the fuel injector connecting plugs are really loose. The wire clips are missing on some and the plastic is cracked or broken. They still seem to stay in place. Any thoughts on that? Also, there are some frayed or "repaired" wires in the harness that goes to the multi-plug (engine socket?) on the side of the main fuse box. Is there some kind of lubricant I can use to clean these electrical connections? Something that will also promote a good connection?<p>Ignition--One of the plug wires that goes to the brown insulated lead is very loose (it actually comes off the lead!). There is also a bit of corrosion in the plug leads, cap and plug leads as well. I haven't checked the condition of the plugs themselves nor have I tested the coil. <p>I know it's difficult to diagnose this--but any thoughts you have would be great. Don't rule out the blindingly obvious either--I'm just learning this stuff. :) Thanks in advance.<br>

Bill Riblett
05-15-2000, 05:29 PM
<i>: <br></i>Sounds like the first thing you should do is replace the ignition stuff: Distributor cap & rotor, plugs and wires. (unless you know these are relatively new. I always start with the ignition system - it's far more likely to be a problem than the fuel system.<p>How old is the gas in the tank? If more than about 6 months, that could cause you problems these days. What about the gas filter? If you don't know that it is fairly new, replace it.<p>Have you checked for vacuum leaks, including things like the dipstick, oil filler cap, etc.<p>For the injector wiring connectors, try holding them in place with platic wire ties. To clean wiring connections, get electrical contact cleaner, for instance at Radio Shack. You may ultimately find the wiring harness is causing you problems, but there is a lot of other stuff to check first.<p>Are the valves adjusted properly? Is the compression good? I didn't read your earlier post - did you do the normal tune-up stuff?<p>HTH, Bill '79 633 (same injection system) and others

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