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David R. Scott
05-16-2000, 11:15 PM
Thanks to First-Fivers Roma, Troy, Peter F, Mark, and Bill Riblett, for all your advice on my idle, and poorly idling 530i. The problem, a rough idle and gas smell in the oil.<p>I am still working on the fuel part of the equation for the moment--without trying to spend any money. I tested the cold start valve this evening. I opted for Peter F's suggestion of putting the cold start valve in a jar and propping open the AFM door. I checked for leaks and, much to my disappointment, no fuel at all came out (not the initial squirts some of you suggested, or the couple of drops per minute). Certainly there was fuel moving around--fuel pump is new--and there was significant pressure in the hose leading into the cold start valve. If the cold start valve were clogged completely, could back pressure in the fuel system cause the other injectors to work overtime and pump too much fuel? Hence, the rough idle and eventual flooding?<p>The previous owner, who is a pro mechanic, tells me that the car was running very well (Yeah, I know, "And you believed him?") before this idle/flood thing started happening. The idle/flood problem started began in the winter quite suddenly--if that provides any insight. So, valve adjustment, compression as well timing and ignition in general were operating well--plugs are pretty new (and decent) and have become fouled up because of the problems being described. Probably plug wires and cap/condenser should be replaced as most of you suggested. <p>Concerning parts--are you all BMW-parts-faithful. Meaning, is a fuel filter from Canadian Tire (at $3.99) really that much more appauling than the fuel filter from the dealer (at $39.60)? My main concern is--does the car care? I would love some insight on this.<p>Again, thanks to all of you who have responded to my pleas. Anything you can suggest will be a help.<p>David Scott, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada<br>

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