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07-11-2000, 12:17 AM
Us Z3 guys have put an informal drive together and would like to invite all you heavy metal folks to come along. We don't want to take ALL the fun. This has been put together pretty quick but there has already be quite a lot of response. After one posting at one spot there are 14 cars going! It will take a few more days to iron out all of the details, but here is how everyone seems to want it:<br>MEET: Somewhere in or around the Woodlands at 8:30 for a 9:00AM departure on Sunday 7-23-00<br>DRIVE: A lot of you know these roads through the Angelia National Forest but we keep going back there 'cause they're fun!<br>ABOUT TWS and CLUB RACING: (TWS=Texas World Speedway) What do I know?! I've only been to one of these but I was really impressed. This is a big deal! BMW's going side by side at up to 130 mph and the Porches get up in the 160's. It really is a great show. You gotta see it to believe it. Go to: for info on TWS and see: for the Houston BMWCCA page. TWS is about 6 miles south of Brian on Hwy 6.<br>STUFF TO DO: Watch the races, wonder around the pits, some companies set up booths, talk to other BMW drivers, eat, drive. Did I forget anything? OH, YEA ... They will try to get us a parade lap on the track. Not for sure, though.<br>DRIVE BACK: To Houston will depart about mid to late afternoon after the races finish. I would guess that we will be back about 6:00PM.<p>This is very informal without a lot of planing. E-mail me if you think you want to come or just show up at the departure place or meet us inroute or meet us there. I'll put a posting out about this weekend with hard times and places.<p>Sounds like fun.<br>WarCamp<br>

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