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07-16-2000, 11:50 AM
I have a 1980 528i for sale. the car is polaris w/black<br>leather out of a e28. the car has bilstein hd, adjustable front sway bar, and a newer set of springs.<br>the car has a 5spd w/ short shift kit. the car also has a custom exhaust system. i hsve owned the car for <br>about 8 years. the car runs great and the trans shifts<br>perfectly. I have put about 90k miles on the car and<br>have had no major problems. If any one out there is <br>interested I can email you pictures. the car just passed smog and is ready to go. the car is located in<br>santa cruz, ca. the body was re-paint about 6 years ago<br>but the car needs a little body work. I think it could<br>make a great parts car or good driver beater. It was one of my favorite drivers when it was new to me.

James Lee
07-28-2000, 01:08 AM
Mark, <br>Saw your post on the E12 message post about your old 528i. I'm interested <br>in the car, please tell me more about it. I've got a small family - all <br>bimmers, no kids, no wife, but the other bimmers don't like daily driving. <br>But in all seriousness, I'm interested in your car for a BMW daily driver. <br>I'd like to see some pictures of your car if you could email them. I'd like <br>also to inquire about the condition of body, paint, alignment, tires, <br>brakes, engine and cylinder head (how hot does it run?), exhaust, <br>transmission/diff, windshield, interior, heat/ac/windows, miles, and <br>anything else you can tell me about. You know - all the "vitals"<br>James

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