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Tim in Eastern PA
06-06-2001, 11:44 AM
Hello Friends,<br>Well, as I promissed, I am parting with my 1987 BMW 535is. Many of you have seen the pictures, and some of you have seen and driven the car. You will be hard pressed to find another 535is that runs better. I can swear that it runs like a car with 4000 miles. Right before I bought it, a New head was installed (I mean new - Valve, Cam, Lifters, EVERYTHING!) along with a <br>New driveshaft <br>Guibo <br>ISV<br>Heater Valve<br>Rear Subframe Bushings<br>Front rotors<br>Front pads<br>Control arm bushings.<p>After I bought it, I had to go further and install - <br>New Pitman Arms (Dogbones)<br>New Rear Trans Seal<br>New Shift Linkage Seal<br>New Oiler Bar Banjo Bolts And Washers<br>New Valve Cover Gasket<br>Brand New Factory Anthrecite Mats<br>New Windshield<br>New Windshield Gasket<br>New Windshield Chrome Trim<br>New sway bar links. <br>New Taillight Gaskets<br>New Trunk Gasket<br>New Cap<br>New Rotor<br>New Plugs<br>New Radiator Cap<p>Some of the maintainence I have done includes: <br>Double Coolant Flush Of BMW Coolant. <br>(I flushed it, put new coolant, ran it a week, and reflushed it again and filled with BMW factory Coolant). The diff oil was changed to Redline along with the Transmission. <br>Brake system was fully flushed with ATE fluid.<br>New Bosch Fuel Filter<br>New Air Filter. <br>The valves were just adjusted this month. <br>The car runs like new and should be a reference model for all other 535is cars. I am either going to sell this car or my 535i. Which ever sells first goes! Here are some details:<br>1987 BMW 535is<br>5 Speed<br>Limited Slip Rear<br>Turner Chip (This Month Installed)<br>BMW M5 16X7.5 BBS Wheels w/ Pirellis. <br>Factory TRX Wheels With 220/55/390 Tires! (Currently On Car)<br>AC (Ice Cold)<br>Kenwood Indash CD Player<br>Power Everything.<br>172,000 miles. Head done around 165,000.<br>Clean Title<br>Interior is Very Clean with drivers seat bolster wear (*what else is new*?)<p>Will not sell to just anyone! <br>I will take the first $7500. *(The wheels alone sell for $1100 on eBay!)<p><br>Be sure to check out my 535i for sale as well.<p>Please Email me off list. <p><br>

Tim in Eastern PA
06-06-2001, 11:45 AM
Sorry about the multiple post.

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