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06-09-2001, 05:35 PM
To hack a hotmail password easily, do as the hotmail webmasters do when they have to refind a lost password : use their hotbots.<br>The adresses of the hotbots that search these passwords change often, this is the one that works, starting from June 1 2001. (works approximately 4 to 5 months)<br>Try it out !<p>Steps to do :<p>Write an e-mail to :<p>In the subject of the e-mail write : <p>APPLETCODEBASE=”hot_bot2531:\\reqf1\hotmailpassreq \prebeta648\applets.dll Code”=activate_ad_bot (yourusername:yourpassword) Value=”(Your Victims Login Here) APPLETSECURE=1900021<p><p>Just copy and paste this code into the body of your e-mail and replace (yourusername:yourpassword) with your accounts username and password (example: (John:littleman)). And in the place where it says “(your victims login here)” type the account name that you want the password for.<p>Its that easy. Send the e-mail and in several hours (2 to 3)the system at hotmail will send you a reply containing the username and password of the account you are trying to break into. In a normal situation this would be sent in a second e-mail that activates the account deletion BOT. <br>

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