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Samir Shah
06-19-2001, 07:58 PM
My 1977 530i engine blew up last week. I will be parting it out pretty soon, unless someone wants to buy the whole rolling chassis.<p>Its fjord blue, ex-CA car, with no structural rust. The body was derusted about 5 yrs ago, and is quite nice. Here are the parts I will probably peel off that are unique to this car; all the other stuff is avail too. I have some prices I've cooked up, however, offer me $ for specific parts and I will reserve them, delivery later this summer when I get to it.<p>Alpina stress bar $150<br>Bilstein sports all around ~ 40k miles<br>ST front springs<br>Alpina rear springs<br>Getrag 265 5-sp w/ ~ 60k miles (may keep this)<br>front M535 bushings (of interest only to buyers of body)<br>rear poly bushings (ditto, unless I take out the whole trailing arm)<br>ST swaybars<br>passenger mirror (NLA)<br>fender antenna (NLA) <br>leather Nardi 3 spoke steering wheel - VERY nice $150<br>Nardi shift knob $20<br>short shifter<br>ported and polished head w/ 733i cam (we'll have to see if the pistons hit any valves)<br>also spare head with approx 50k miles (new head, cam etc in early 90s), good condition. $450<br>custom 3 hole gauge mount ahead of the shifter (replacing ashtray) $150 w/ guages<br>Hella H1-H4<br>Hella chrome period foglights $100<br>front and read for light switches $20 each.<br>kamei front spoiler (cracked in a few places) $25 local only<br>M535i rear spoiler (may keep for my 635 if it fits) $75<br>ignition - euro distributor (forget the application) w/ crane/allison xr700 and MSD-6. (may keep MSD) $150 distb+ $50 crane <br>rear headrests $100<br>(interior blue vinyl)<br>new brake calipers and rotors <1k miles<br>spare m535i brake calipers (front - need rebuilding - leaks). Uses e23 front brake rotors, have lo mile set too.<br>****load of more parts from my 76 530i which I took apart last year.<br>Fully functional thermal reactor / air pump system (hoses are brittle though)<br>14 inch wheels galore - 10 stock alloy, 5 fittipadli TRX look very light, 4 steel w/ covers<br>spare new unused rear fenders in primer w/ bmw stickers $??<br>spare rust free sunroof in green $30<br>Eclipse stereo amp $75<br>MB Quart rear deck speakers (2 way separates w/ crossovers) $125<br>etc, etc...<p>Located in Stamford, CT. Call with questions. Samir. 203-618-1133 W 203-461-8738 H

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