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08-03-2001, 01:03 AM
Whats up guys , long time no meet<br>This saturday is the first saturday of the month so Blitzkrieg bimmers will meet this saturday, From now on We will only meet once a month and to keep it simple , it will be the first saturday of the month. SOUND GOOD?? What do you guys think of this? I'd like to hear your comments. It's been a while since our last meet but we have had contacts with each other and we have some events comming up.<p>For this saturday we are thinking of taking a ride to have dinner together, there are many places to go, Hooters , China buffet , applebees , TGIF. We'll decide it on saturday. <p>There is a benefit auto cross comming up to support cancer, it will be in a few weeks<p>Also there is a BMW NA sponsered auto cross in Philly where we can drive new BMW's<p>All this we will discuss on saturday, Aug. 4 , 2001, 6pm at 7-11 and 7pm in the park<p>As club members i urge you guys to get more members so pass this email on to any other bmw owners, talk about it on the forums, post on the boards and grab all your bimmer buddies and show up, we are hoping to make this a big event this week. HOPE TO SEE ALL YOU GUYS SATURDAY!!!<p>Also for directions check this link<br>( <p><p><br>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<p>Follow Ups:<p><br>

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