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04-17-2007, 01:41 AM
Dear all,
I'm from the Bimmer forum, own three 5 series, one of which is a E39 wagon. I'm looking for the E class wagon because I love the idea of 3rd row seating, for the few times in a year when more than 5 passengers need to go somewhere.

What I noticed is that there seem to be quite a bit of a difference between the E320 and the E500 (I can only afford a 2004, newer models too expensive yet.

Questions I have are:
- 4matics, is it a must?
- 320 vs. 500, anyone know thee average MPG rating? Power rating?
- Is the 500 more problematic than 320? how come value doesn't hold?
- Any features I should stay away from due to excessive issues?
- Pulse seat?
- auto level suspension that's adjustable?
- 4matic vs. 2 wheel drive?
- Any features I MUST have? (3rd row, nav, sun screen)

Any big issues with any model at certain mileage I should be aware or worried about??

Thanks all, in advance for your opinions and advice.
CWY 8888
E34 '94 525ia 160k mi
E39 '00 M5 80k mi

04-25-2007, 10:33 AM
as in all other things...get all you can for the same money! better equipped car will always be worth more later. 4-matic is wonderful, why drive a car with less control? you'd only be saving a couple of thousand anyway. where are you located? we might have on coming in on trade.

05-27-2007, 11:07 PM
BMW e24 owner here. Just bought 2004 e500 Wagon. Trip home from dealer showed about 17 mpg at 70 mph at expressway speeds. Best mileage? 21 mpg at idle with A/C on. Definately qualifies as a gas guzzler. My 95 Chev Caprice wagon got 25 MPg at 70 with a 350 LT1 Corvette engine. Go figure... Mahlon 77 630

05-30-2007, 01:54 AM
Contact me if you are serious. I'm considering selling my 04 E500 4matic. It is loaded and has items added by Steve at MBenzNL:

- Xenons
- Sport pkg
- Keyless Go
- Heated/ventilated seats
- Drive dynamic seats
- Nav/HK Logic 7 system
- MB iPod adapter
- MB Serius sat radio
- MB Phone cradle/phone
- Voice command
- Wood/leather wheel
- Distronic
- Power folding mirrors
- Lighted door sills
- Power tailgate
- SprintBooster
- 3 sets of MB floor mats, including rubber foul-weather mats

40k miles. Under new car warranty until 11/07. I got it under CPO, don't know if that is transferable.

With all that equipment I might be out of your price range?


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