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Shawn D.
08-14-2001, 12:01 PM
O'Fest was great and the trip home was uneventful except for two fuel problems.<p>The first was a fuel pressure regulator that failed on Saturday morning. I was so preoccupied with where I'd find a regulator that I didn't notice the second fuel problem until yesterday.<p>I supposedly filled up my 535i with 20 gallons at Chesley's Citgo in West Campton, NH. I know that it was burning lots of gas, but that's ridiculous! E28s have 16-gallon tanks and I've never needed to put more than 15 gallons in for a complete fill-up. Yes, I have checked and it's definitely my receipt.<p>Citgo customer service has essentially given me the blow-off, so I'm dealing with the NH Bureau of Weights and Measures.<p>I'm posting this to the boards, but won't be able to check back on them all. If you have the same problem, please email me (without the "SPAMSUX" part). There's strength in numbers.<p>Shawn D.<br>'86 535i (not including a 20-gallon tank!)<br>

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