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Charlie R.
08-26-2001, 12:13 PM
Have you seen the BMW Films short movies yet? If not and you're in the DC area come to Visions Cinema, Bistro & Lounge in WDC tonight (Sunday 8/26) at 9:00 PM. Visions is having a "James Bond Night" and will be showing a number of the classic "Bond" movies that feature BMWs. In addition Visions will be showing the BMW Films on the big screen. Should be pretty cool!<p>If you haven't had a chance to see the new E46 M3 in person, I'm going to have a new laguna seca blue E46 M3 and a silver M Z3 Coupe on display. No, we're not giving away the Z3 this time, only one per year :)<p>Hope to see you there.<p>Charlie R.<br><p><u><b>Important links:</b></u><p><a href="">More Info About Visions DC Bond Night and BMW Films Debut</a> | <a href="">Map &amp; Directions to Visions</a><p><a href="">BMW Films</a><p>BMWs provided by <a href="">BMW of Arlington</a><p><br><br><br>

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