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Tim Collins
06-02-1999, 12:10 AM
About a year ago, I had an unfortunate accident in my '83 320i... just being a stupid kid, going too quick, flipped her twice (left the road @ 70 MPH), head over heels, while going down an embankment. Just did a paint job (full strip-down wet-sand prep job) and stereo job, only body panel undamaged was the trunk lid. Still, I was able to drive her off the tow truck and into the scrap yard... total write off. Luckily, my insurance didn't find out (no other cars involved, the cop didn't make me report it). I was **** scared, my only brother and his best friend (an only child, thank god a pastor's kid, or I'd probably be facing a phony lawsuit) were in the car, just seatbelts. We walked out without a scratch, and myself with new look on life. Got a '90 535i 5-speed (safe car, and fun), and have learned to drive much better and safer... Anyways, sorry for rambling, but I need a car for my brother (just getting his license). I need a good runner, but I'd be willing to take one w/the paint shot, it would be good for him to do some body work on it (you can DISASSEMBLE these cars with a 10mm wrench, jeez...). Anyone in the California Bay Area willing to sell, or know of a good car? <p>Thanks a ton.<p>Tim Collins<br>'90 535i 5-speed sharked<p>PS If anyone wants any pictures, e-mail me ( Show them to anyone doubting the structural integrety of a 15 year old BMW... I owe it my life!

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