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06-23-2007, 07:19 AM
Just crossed 20k miles and closing in on 21k on my '06 3.0si coupe.

The only problem I've had was the telephone module (TCM?) failed and was replaced, quickly, under warranty. The failure was obvious since bluetooth died.

In terms of performance, the only concern I have is that the car is very hard to control on slick surfaces, ice and fresh, wet snow, with its standard tires. However, a good set of snow tires brings back its surefootedness and my confidence. I'll just wear them a bit longer (on earlier, off later) than I used to.

I learned how to set the mirrors for max visibility (same technique they teach at BMW Performance Center), and have had zero issues with blind spots or visibility problems.

My best fuel economy was 35mpg on a trip from Detroit to Toronto in the cooler months (not using AC). I don't know what the worst has been, but I seem to be averaging just over 27mpg.

The ride is tough, and if you've read my earlier posts you know I have railroad crossings and bad roads to contend with. But some careful dodging of the deep holes (which can be fun unless speeds are very high, when its dangerous) has worked fine (no bent wheels or flat tires).

The ambient noise is high, making cell phone use less than ideal, but I'd rather drive than talk.

The car has been on the track (at schools, not racing) several times, but never with me behind the wheel. My wife and son really enjoy those rides.

Overall, I still love the car, its power and responsiveness are well worth the stiff ride and ambient noise. I often wish for the extra from the M version, but most days I'm glad to have the higher fuel economy and lower cost of the si, since the car is primarily a commuter.

I'd be happy to try to answer any questions on my year and 20k miles with the coupe.

Mike Mc

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