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07-06-2007, 10:41 PM
.Not to familiar with this car. I have owned a 1986 420 SEL in the past. I am trying to find out the specs on a 300 sel Mercedes, such as reliability and horse power. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone can look past that I own a BMW? LOL Please feel free to Email me.

07-07-2007, 06:51 AM
...small motor - huge chassis = not an M5 performance
resale value about $5000 +/-. Nice if the seller provides a filled-in Maintainence Booklet and service records

here is a book that will give you some insite into the W126 models

Mercedes-Benz W126, W140, W220
by Colin Pitt
Price: $23.95
Reprints of 21 road tests and specifications of European S-Class luxury sedans and big coupes from 1983 to 2003, including diesels, AMG models, more. Softbound, 8.25"x11.5", 74 pages, scores of b&w photos.
Note: This reprint compilation offers lower reproduction quality than the original magazines and is printed in black and white. Provides useful reading for current and prospective owners and enthusiasts.
Toad Hall ID: MB0407

Mercedes-Benz book source (Mercedes-Benz W126, W140, W220)

07-07-2007, 06:53 AM
try this book seller link
M-B books here (

07-08-2007, 03:16 PM
I looked at the car yesterday, its nearly perfect. The current (2nd) owner is a Mercedes mechanic, he put it up on the lift for me to check the under carriage. No oil leaks and looks brand new from underneath. The service booklet has been stamped from day one, by Hoehn Motors here in San Diego. Its the smaller S-class version. I know its not as fast as the 560SEL, I already own a 1988 M6 so I have a car that has plenty of power.

I just want to know what to expect with this particular Model? Anything Major? What is the BHP rating of this car? Any and all help with this would be greatly appriacted.

07-08-2007, 06:53 PM
300 SE sales designation
126.024 Model
103.981 Engine
722.319 (W4A040) Auto Trans
765.706 (LS90) Power Steering'll need to know how to speak
these numbers when you buy parts and
do further research

rims 6 1/2" J x 15" H2 ET 21.5 (offset)
no BMW wheels fit Mercedes-Benz

SRS Air Bag have a shelf life !
if these are original - they maynot deploy when you need them.
Replacement date sticker afixed inside glovebox.

07-08-2007, 06:58 PM
This car is MINT. Everything WORKS. Which is amazing in itself. Even the head rests work. Door Jams are spotless and the engine compartment is spotless too. Even under the car is SPOTLESS looks like its never been driven in the rain. Just a few minor cosmetic details, need to be fixed but thats what E-bay is for. Just purchased a new grill for $100.00 Stealer List is over $600.00.

07-08-2007, 07:22 PM
I know the SEL is over 208" long. How long is the SE?

07-08-2007, 10:09 PM
SEL has 4" more leg room in back seat
and it's heavier

07-08-2007, 10:30 PM
I know the L stands for Long just like on the 740-750iL

07-09-2007, 10:02 PM
some complaints about power but i own a 1990 300SE and i'm not complaining. i am parting out some w126 chassis cars so if you need stuff check with me first. feel free to email as i don't get to this board much anymore
gregg<img src= height=340width=340>

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