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02-06-2000, 04:40 PM
Because I recently acquired another BMW, I am seling my older BMW. It is in excellent condition overall, black outside, burgandy inside. I have extensive service documentation for the car, and recent parts include alternator, battery, power steering pump, water pump, master cylinder, brake bomb, camshaft and rockers, radiator, rotors, pads, vaccum pump, starter and flywheel, etc. All the work was done at either BMW dealership or a BMW shop. The car uses no oil, and leaks nothing either. I am asking $4400 for the car, but am open to rasonable offers (I am getting increased pressure from my significant other to sell!) I live in Philadelphia, and the car is in Bucks County PA (I stored it there while selling to keep in a warm garage for the winter). Thanks for your time in advance.

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