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02-09-2000, 12:29 AM
As a shop owner I get a lot of questions about BMW auto transmissions. I also hear lots of comments and questions here on the Forum concerning auto trans car purchase.<p>I think that the following quotes from the Feb 2000 "Roundel" by Technical Editor Mike Miller (a response to a reader who had a 51,000 mile 1991 e34 535i with a failed transmission) are good ones to keep in mind when purchasing a well-used BMW. As the owner of 5 BMWs, I might add that I am hardly a basher of the marque, but I am a realist concerning the auto tranny.<p>"Replacing the transmission should have no negative effect on the value of the car. In fact, quite the opposite may be true. As these cars garner a reputation for automatic transmission failures, the fact that the unit has already been replaced can be a posative selling point.<p>For these reasons I make these recommendations to purchasers of used Bimmers:<p>1)Buy one with a manual gearbox.<br>2)If you don't buy a manual, get a transmission with a warranty even if you have to pay for it.<p>You will almost definately use it."<p>Mike, I couldn't have said it better myself. <p>Bob<br>P.S. I follow my own advice:<br>'72 3.0Cs 4spd<br>'81 e23 B9 Alpina 5 spd<br>'84 633CSi 5 spd<br>'87 535is 5 spd<br>'88 e32 735i 5 spd

John Dick
02-22-2000, 03:47 PM
I have a 1983 745i turbo 3.2l (Gray market) with a ZF4 HP22 transmission.<br>I have a transmission warning lite "A" on the dash<br>which has me in a fault 3rd gear and no response, other than reverse, from any gear selected. I have a 733-735 repair manual that describes the <br>4HP trans. but I have been told the wiring diagram is not the same as the 745. The manual says with a steady lite the electric computer control (AEGS) may be bad. I can not find the unit BOSCH# 0261200013 or a wireing diagram. I am also told the transmission solinoids might be the problem. I would appreciate any help with this problem. This is my only car and I am driving it carefuly hoping no damage is being done to the transmission. Thanks,, Jack

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