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02-26-2000, 01:21 PM
I am selling my 1984 733iA. The car has 122,7xx miles on it, and is in excellent condition inside (red leather) and out (black). I have extensive service documentation, and the car runs superbly. All service was performed by the dealer or a qualified BMW specialist. Recent/new parts include: alternator, power steering pump, water pump (belts and hoses too), master cylinder, brake bomb, front shocks (rest of front end checked out fine by BMW dealer), bearings, radiator, camshaft and all rocker arms etc., rotors and pads, starter and flywheel, exhaust and converter, pitman arms, etc. For all the repairs I have the records, and all parts are OEM BMW with the exception of the converter. The car has a factory bmw radio (digital) with a Pioneer radio-interface CD truck changer. All power features work with the exception of one of the power functions (the up/down movement for the seat cushion)on the driver's seat (not the headrest--the rest all work). The a/c is cold, and the heat hot. I also have a cover, and two sets of wheels, factory 6.5x14 and steel 6x14 for winter/city use. The car has spent the vast majority of its life in a garage, and it shows. Price is kbb value at $4100.00. Car is being sold because my wife will not me to keep this car and my new BMW. Car is located in Philadelphia area.<br>Contact information:<br>phone (daytime) 215-665-5514<br><br>

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