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Lloyd Murray
03-02-2000, 10:00 AM
I've been working on a 78 733i. The car ran rich for a<br>few weeks, and now will not start. Spark plugs are firing, <br>and we are getting fuel. (I seem to think that too much<br>fuel is fouling/flooding the plugs). Fuel pressure<br>regualtor was bad, and replaced. Fuel pressure is now<br>~40psi to the rail. Compression test on engine is good. <br>Car still doesn't start. Plugs still get soaked. <br>Any ideas? I'm using a Bosch book on Fuel Injection systems<br>to track down problems, just wondered if anyone else had<br>similar problems.

03-02-2000, 11:19 AM
<<br>I had a similar problem with a 1983 745i. It turned out the problem was in the air flow <br>control. They wanted to change it. Long story short; after removing the unit, which is connected to the air cleaner, I noticed the butterfly, allowing differing amount of air to pass, was sticking. This would not allow the car to start however once it was started<br>it would run fine until it once again closed and would stick denying air for a start.<p>If it runs after it starts, this start problem can be corrected by cleaning where the butterfly meets the case. Good Luck Jack

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