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03-15-2000, 03:53 PM
I have a '89 750iL and the passenger mirror should dip when reversing in order to see the kerb.The mirror has been working until recently and now only works when it feels like it.<p>Does anyone have any ideas?<p>Many thanks

03-15-2000, 07:15 PM
Make sure that the mirror switch is in the drivers side position. If you have it in the passenger side position, this will tell the seat/mirror control unit to cancel the reverse "dipping". <br>Next. does the drivers side always work and just not the passenger side?<br>Could just be a worn out mirror motor, or water got into the electrics of that side.<br>Lastly, either the switch itself is causing trouble or you have an interm. control unit problem.<p>Most likely it's just at the passenger mirror. <br>Pull the cover to access the connector, and check to see if you have voltage and ground as needed.<br>On some rare cars, the wires will flex and break at the door harness where it passes from the body to the front edge of the door. There is a nice connector for this, but they do fail sometimes.

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