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Bill Buffton
03-18-2000, 01:34 AM
I am selling the engine and trans from my daily driver which is an 84 733i:<br>The Engine: 3.2 L. 118K, Rebuilt Head @ 94K<br>New Water pump @ 114K. Never overheated, the rebuilt head was installed in order to cure the Dreaded Worn Cam Disease as the previous owner never checked the oiler bar. The last time I Checked, the compression was 175 lbs <br>+ or - 5 lbs per cyl. No smoke nor noticable oil use on Mobil 1 20W50. This engine runs every day and starts in the coldest weather in Northeastern Pa.<p>The Transmission: ZF 4HP22, Non- Electronic.<br>Completely rebuilt aprox 20k ago and has been serviced (fluid/filter) aprox 2K ago. New clutch pacs and torque converter as well as most everything else you can put into them<p>I am selling these in order to finance a conversion to Chevy Power and would prefer to sell them as a unit. They are still in the car so you can hear/drive etc.<p>$2000 or best offer!<br>Home: 570-342-6880, Work: 570-346-7561<p>

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