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Stephen Sank
03-22-2000, 12:23 AM
I have my first BMW, in the form of a less-than-well-taken-care-of 1979 733i, which I bought for $300 last week. The 3.2 engine & auto tranny(195K miles) seem to be excellent. No smoke, no oil consumption, smooth tranny operation. A couple of worries: 1)The power steering reuired two full pints to fill it, i.e., it was damn near dry. Cause for concern? 2)The engine, which is strong as hell & so clean I felt compelled to wipe the little drip of Duralube I spilled over the side of the valve cover, idles fairly rough, like a Chevy with a dead cylinder. Totally smooth above 1500, though. Common causes? <br>Other fiddling issues:<br>How do I get behind the HVAC control panel to fix/replace the cable to the Vent control? The (rotary, non-electronic) vent control is not doing anything. Air only directed to defrosters.<br>Is it possible without an acetylene torch to get to the driver's door outside handle linkage to the latch? The handle is broken off & what remains is no longer connected to the latch mechanism.<br>The missing mirror control panel from the driver door is on order, but in the meantime, can anyone tell me the pinout of it's four pin connector, so that I can manually operate the mirror & get it to some semblance of a usable position?<br>Does anybody have an Owner's Manual I could buy a copy of?(Have the shop manual on order, but Owner's is no longer available, and there are some things on this car that are a bit elusive to me, as a BMW novice.)<br>Approximate original retail of the car(just curious)?<br>Best used or discount parts sources?<br>Thank you all in advance for putting up with me.

03-22-2000, 06:15 PM
First off, congratulations on your purchase.<br>Now to the technical stuff, about your driverside door, from the information given, and what I think you mean, no you don't need a torch(very messy), you can takeout the interior door panel, there are a couple of screws and the armrest holding it together. After that is removed; you should now be able to see all of the "guts" in the door, and if I am not mistaken, take the latch off from the inside. Now about the rough idling. You may have a dead cylinder, or just an exhaust leak, either at the manifold or in your pipes. In fact I am facing the same mystery as you, my '81 728i is making a similar sound. As for the owners manual, checking at an auto wrecker might find something in a glove compartment, also if you could email me I could check the 7er drivercircle(unless you are registered). Which shop manual are you ordering? The one I currently use, Chilton's BMW 1970-88 repair manual, is very good and I recommend it to you. I hope this helps a little.<br>You can email me with furthur questions as well.<br>Spencer Matthes, 1981 728i<br>

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