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05-19-2000, 02:08 AM
Callan,<p>I have two issues to pick your brain with:<p>1) Is there any way I can replace the face vent vacuum motor without removing the entire dash?<p>2) My A/C doesn't cool the air as it should. I can see where the freon line goes into the evap coil from the expansion valve (Where it splits in 5 or 6 smaller copper lines) and it gets so cold at this point that it actually freezes fairly quickly, but I don't get cool air from the vents. I have come to the conclusion that the evap coil must be full of crud, restricting airflow through it. Is this a good assumption? I haven't taken the car in for testing because I can see that it's cooling. Have you ever heard of this happening before? What steps should I take to troubleshoot this? (Temp mixing valve tests OK) THANKS!!

05-23-2000, 11:27 PM
I don't think you can R&R the motor without taking the dashboard off. Good luck if you find another, easier way, and post it too.<p>As for the no cooling A/C: If the evap valve is sticking closed, it will not allow the freon liquid from the condensor to pass into the evaporator where it needs to pick up the heat from the car to turn back into a gas and cool the air.<p>If you have a standard A/C gauge set on the car you'll notice that the low side goes into a vacuum because the valve is jammed shut, either it's failed or the Rec-Drier desiccant bag broke open and spilled its guts into the system. There is also some stuff from the comp that can break loose and circulate.<p>All of this is speculation on my part, don't know much without those all important gauge readings.<br>Also,if the evaporator sensor is stuck closed, you'll end up with the comp. running constantly so that the evap. freezes up and you can't allow air past it until it thaws enough. This happens sometimes on Sevens, as the sensor isn't the hardiest of parts.<p>Check to see if the comp is ever cycling, turning off and on. If it runs non-stop, there is a problem. Again, having gauge readings is everything when diagnosing A/C problems.

05-24-2000, 11:11 AM
Callan,<p>Thanks for the advice. I'll have some one hook gauges up to it. I'll keep everyone posted on what I find out on the Vac Motor as well as the A/C problem. Thanks Again.....Dean

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