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09-06-2007, 07:04 AM
My dealer rang me Saturday morning would I like to order the XF!
Okay lets see:-
ME: I've only seen the dodgy photos everyone thinks lets the car down compared to the concept.
DEALER: I've got the XF brochure, you can have one today, (picked one up yesterday and I have to say the photos in the brochure are far superior to the launch pictures(that photographer and media team that let them pictures out need career advice), I couldn't believe it was the same car!
ME: I'll wait until I've had the opportunity to drive the car and decide on engine and Interior and exterior combination
DEALER: We are taking orders for build March 2008
ME: I'll wait

Now I've got the UK prices 33,900 (2.7D & 3.0P) LUXURY
37,500 (2.7D & 3.0P) PREMIUM LUXURY
45,500 (4.2P)
54,900 (4.2P SV8)

My dealer seems keen for those X drivers like myself who drive the 2.5/3.0 to move upto the XF 2.7D or 3.0 at 33,900 given a 3.0 X will cost 30,000. I see this as a ploy in the UK to leave the X in its twilight years as a diesel only model killing the AWD 2.5/3.0.
The revised X is due yearend and I'd be interested to see what the line up remains.
As for the XF in Europe I cannot see a market for the 3.0 petrol its slower in acceleration and top speed than the diesel, costs a lot more to run (fuel & road taxes) but purchase price is the same. The 5.0 XFR due late next year will be the wrong side of 60,000, for that kind of money it will have to be as good if not better than the M5

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