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09-11-2007, 09:25 PM
Well here it is the very last update for Homecoming 2007... Tom and I had a pretty dang good trip and I appreciate all who thanked us in person and via email. Sometimes I think the only way I know where “I” have been is by reading the log after long hours of driving and a late night posting. I hope for those who cannot make the trip this is a little glimpse into how much fun it can be. This fifth trip and travelogue had just as much fun and excitement as the first one I took in 2001. A big THANKS to BMW, Kenn Sparks and his whole crew that make all the convoy events happen by continuing to support the Z community each year with the Homecoming. Although I would like to mention that of the people in attendance at Homecoming, I do own the most driven Z3 with 48 states and 269,000+ miles…… But Kenn invoked the Z3RiffRaff rule; (ya gotta have your car here) so I was cut from the herd….. But I have to admit the ///MZ4 was a pretty sweet ride out so it was worth it!

Thanks to all again,


aka Z3BigDaddy

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Click on Uncle Ralphie for days 21 and 22, the bittersweet end, update.....
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