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12-29-2007, 04:40 PM
Hi. I am looking at buying a 1969 280SE Coupe. The engine seized while being driven and it will need a new engine or rebuild. I have found a few sources for the parts to rebuild, but I would like to find a few sources for a used engine as it will be quicker to change the engine and drive the car while I undertake the rebuild in the future. Can anyone help for potential sources?? I am located in CT.

01-20-2008, 01:43 PM
get an estimate from any CT. Mercedes-Benz dealer
and compare prices with 'indi' engine rebuilders.
A M-B dealer will give you the best quality rebuild/exchange LONG BLOCK replacement motor, and the BEST Parts Warranty for peace of mind, and value for your dollars.

And then there's the actual swaping of parts during the motor
replacement - I hope your able to sort the fuel injection
system correctly so the sum of the parts performs as designed?

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