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01-27-2008, 11:38 AM
Will the front size wheel and tire work int the rear for a snow package? Is there any difference between the 2002 and the 2008 as far as swapping wheels, besides the sensors?

I was searching and figured out the the set of Blizzaks that I have mounted on rims for the just traded in 02 SL500 do not have the sensors and the search comes up N/A for the rear size so I am asking here if I get 4 front size 255/40/vr18's with the 30mm offset would that be good enough for a New England winter season or is there a better option I should take?
On the 2002 SL500 I actually had an over sized set of 17" rims and tires from to swap out during winter and the stock 18" for the good weather and when I was asking at the dealer about swapping them on to the new 550 all the would keep saying is that 17's will not fit even though I drove up in the car with them on it. After looking surprised that they were 17's on 5x112 rims I was still told they would not fit on the 2008. I bet they would but I'll get a new set of 18's with the sensors but if they fit a 2002 then they should fit a 2008 right? unless the brakes are bigger etc. ?

Thanks for any help and have a good one,

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