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04-01-1999, 02:46 AM
Hi all,<p>I'm considering purchasing a rebuilt engine from a '79 Euro 635csi.<p>This engine has 2.5k miles. It was recently rebuilt, balanced, and blueprinted. It has Mahle pistons (1st. overbore), 7-angle valvejob, a Schrick 292 cam, and Schrick valvesprings, rebushed/resized rods, etc.<p>It's said to have upwards of 210-220(+)hp. The owner wrecked his car in a front end accident, but supposedly the motor wasn't affected.<p>I intend on installing this motor in my '80 528i.<p>My question:<p>What is this motor worth? The owner paid $6k for the engine. It's been sitting since '97, and the owner said that he's been turning the motor over every week with a large wrench and pouring oil in the sparkplug holes.<p>TIA,<p>Dave<br>68 1600s<br>80 528i<br>74 Lotus Elite

04-02-1999, 09:50 PM
Pricing such a thing is hard when you do not know who did the rebuilt and to what grade the job was done. I would not pay more than $2k. Risky business.<p>As for installing this 3.5 at the place of the 2.8, good luck. Pysically the engine will fit perfectly. But you will have to change a whole lot of injection parts. You might have to swap the whole computer and maybe harness. And remmeber that the euro 3.5 and computer did not have any O2 sensor or catalytic converter. If you keep the original injection set up from the 528i, recalibrating the airflow meter from 2.8 to 3.5 is a 25% difference in breathing, that is pushing the enveloppe a bit too far. Because the euro 3.5 was a long stroke, it does not have the high revving abilities of the Motronic short stroke. But it all comes down to the purpose you intend to reach. The euro 3.5 is toooorquey.<p>Ciao!!!

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