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05-02-1999, 10:07 PM
I am seriously considering buying a 1979 633 from a used car<br>salesman.It will be a second car and i always liked the bodystyle.It has 99,000 miles,needs paint bad and tires. It <br>has the original mags which are in good shape,the driver seat is broke,the rear window dash is faded,the leather is <br>in good condition and the interior overall is in very good <br>condition.My problem is,I don't know enough about the history in general of this series BMW or what to look for <br>during inspection of this vechicle.I know...get a BMW <br>specialist! but besides that HELP!!!!

Perry Jones
05-03-1999, 06:54 PM
Sheryl:<p>Yes you do need someone mechanical to look at the car. You mentioned that the seat was broken. I bought an 84 633 with most of the seat motions inoperative. Most of this can be fixed by tightening the worm gear actuators and addition of coat hanger parts. <p>In the process of upgrading my 84 to 3.5 liter status. Have had good success with this new vinyl/fabric paint on carpet. YOU can freshen up the rear window shelf for about $4. This paint will also make any faded interior spanky showroom perfect. Exterior cosmetics are readily upgraded. Its the interior pieces that are hard to find. <p>Mechanical soundness sounds like your biggest hurdle; just get yourself an enthusiast to check it out.

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