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Tom Marino
05-05-1999, 04:06 PM
Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to change the<br>the a/c condenser and dryer on a 1987 635??<br>I am looking at a car of this year and model but it needs the above items. Is this a terrible job??<br>Any advice would be helpful.<br>Thanks ,<br>Tom in PA

05-08-1999, 01:46 PM
Fairly straight forward job. Condensor drops down to be removed from the bottom under the car and the drier is even easier.<br>Check your Aux. fan for any bearing wear or binding when you have the part out and also now would be the time to change the resistor for A/C-low speed op if it doesn't work.<br>Use new hardware and anti-seize compound when mounting the new parts for future R&R.<p>Get new O-rings for the cond. and drier connections and use a penetrating oil on the condensor hose connections if they are rusted.<br>Seized threads on either part can really slow you down. Worse case is having to replace some hoses due to stripped threads encountered during R&R.<br>Hope this helps

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