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06-20-1999, 10:24 AM
The time has come to replace the head unit on my 6 and I have no idea how to get the dash panel open, and I don't have a good manual that covers the process. Can anyone give me a quick primer on how to open up this part of the dash. The car currently has a slide-out head unit which I'm replacing with a detachable face CD unit. I'll need to remove the existing bracket and install a new one.<p>Thanks for any and all advice!

Perry Jones
06-20-1999, 05:59 PM
<br>The dash faceplate is attached to the center console by screws from the back. You must remove the console to get to these. <p>The factory unit should slip out without having to remove the dash mounting panel. In fact, I am not sure that the center console piece will slip in place with radio installed. I just installed a Blaupunkt in my 6 and the entire process takes place with console in place. The stock Alpine unit may be removed by snapping off the face plate rim. You can now see two clips (one on either side) which you push down to release the unit. It should slide out the front.<p>Be careful with the new CD unit. BMW has wired each channel of speakers with a common ground. Check your wiring, you may inadvertently smoke the amp in your CD.

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