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Rob Levinson
06-26-1999, 04:50 PM
<b><font face="arial"><blockquote><br>This <i>only</i> pertains to US M6s built to 10/87 and Euro M6s with catalytic converter.<p>I am commisioning a small-volume custom stainless-steel exhaust system that fits US E28 M5s and E24 M6s. The design is dual 2.5" pipes, custom resonator and muffler, simple tips. Free-flow but <u>quiet</u>, no Tri-Flo nonsense here.<p>The US-E-28, M5 exhaust assembly (p/n 18 10 1 310 536) is also used on the US-E-24. M6 up to 9/87 (6/87 Euro<br>w/kat). I just got this confirmation, so I know the fit will be perfect.<p>Full details can be found at:<p><a href=""></a><p>This project is underway and prototyping will start in about a week, production a week later.<p>As any of you who have replaced the cat-back system know, stock replacement can run close to $1500. Aftermarket systems can be twice as much.<p>This is a private project where the price will be just covering costs.<p>Please contact me if you are interested ASAP.<p>- Rob Levinson</b></font></blockquote>

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