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07-05-1999, 08:47 AM
Hi-<br>We are looking at a 635CSi at a local dealer. The car seems to be in very good condition with about 120K miles. It is automatic and shifts very smoothly. I am looking for advice as to what to look for as far as possible problems with this car. Thanks for your help.

07-05-1999, 01:02 PM
I own an 86 635csi, a 5spd, but still the same as yours. Look for tweaked drive shafts (the large torque of this car can cause the drive shaft to actually twist causing a heavy vibration on acceleration. Idling problems are common on these cars, but excessivly poor idle is not exceptable. Look at the power windows, make sure they go all the way up into the seal or else the window will vibrate heavily at highway speeds. Look for rot in the shock towers, this is very bad. Get a mechanic to evaluate it, they will tell youi everything you need to know. Good Luck.

07-06-1999, 09:22 PM
I just purchased an 85 635csi which I am overwhelming happy with (first BMW) I found a lot of useful information at Ben Liaw's page on BMW links look for it at:<br><br>John Burns has a page with terrific 635csi informtion link to this site.<p>Also there is a buying checklist/guide at:<br><br>I know it says e28 but near the bottom it has e24 info - good luck Paul<br>

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